Importance of of Barcode Scanners

Product organization is key to ensuring customers get what they ordered. This blog will discuss the importance of barcodes and barcode scanners and how to integrate them into your packaging line. 

What are barcode scanners? 

Barcode scanners are easy-to-use, straightforward devices. The device scans the barcode, which helps locate, organize, authenticate, and sort items. Scanner technology has advanced, and scanability has become more versatile. As a result of the increased versatility, the addition of barcodes, data matrix codes, and QR codes have become increasingly popular.

Barcodes are used in many industries, including:

Food and beverage



Health and beauty

Consumer goods

Many other manufactured goods

Barcodes can be applied to a product as a label or printed directly onto a product with an inkjet, thermal inkjet printer or laser marking system. Squid Ink provides a full line of printers for coding and marking barcodes, data matrix codes, and QR codes.

So why are barcode scanners important? 

Barcode scanners are useful due to their speed and accuracy. Before scanners, products had to be sorted by examining and identifying what they were by hand. With scanners, not only is the speed increased with automation, but so is the accuracy. In addition, the scanners help to eliminate human error when sorting products.
But what happens when there is an error with the barcode? Squid Ink has a solution that solves the problem and guarantees accuracy. 

SquidCheck offers print and validation of the barcodes printed on your cases, trays, pipe, or other products. SquidCheck utilizes barcode readers from Cognex®, the world’s most trusted machine vision, and industrial barcode reading company. The reader is integrated with a Squid Ink printer and SquidCheck interface to ensure that codes are present, scannable, and accurate.

SquidCheck allows users to take control of their packaging line. Once a code is printed, the reader reads the code while SquidCheck communicates with the printer to confirm that this is the correct code to be printed. Code failures are identified and rejected as desired, while SquidCheck safeguards that only correct and properly coded products advance to the next stage of the production line.

Scanners are ideal for companies, especially when shipping to warehouses and distribution centers, to ensure accurate inventory. When products arrive on the dock, they are scanned to confirm an accurate number of products have been delivered. In addition, barcode scanners are helpful for companies that display inventory numbers on their websites or in their ERP systems.

As you can see, barcode scanners greatly benefit companies and retailers. With the increased speed and accuracy of scanners and barcode validation like SquidCheck, barcode scanners provide an added level of quality and inventory control. 

To learn more about the coding and marking technologies Squid Ink offers, visit our product pages and view our full selection of equipment to help you find the right solution for marking your products!