DOD Large Character Replacement Fluids

Squid Ink manufactures superior quality ink jet fluids designed for a wide variety of ink jet printing systems. In fact, Squid Ink offers one oft the most complete line of drop-on-demand (DOD) inks in the industry today. Our DOD products include formulations for the most common printing systems, and are packaged in 100% compatible, direct replacement containers.

Lower Downtime and Maintenance Costs

Squid Ink manufactures water-based DOD inks for use in printers manufactured by Marsh®, Videojet®, Diagraph®, Matthews®, Loveshaw®, and others. Customers using Squid Ink DOD fluids often experience longer machine life, less downtime, and lower maintenance costs than when they use competitive products.

Plug and Print With 100% Compatible Containers

Squid Ink manufactures quality replacement inks compatible with some of the most common ink jet systems in the marketplace. We also package these inks in 100% compatible containers, eliminating adaptors, fittings, or add-on units. These products include 100% compatible containers for Matthews® 1-liter bottle, Domino® bag-in-a-box, and 5-gallon pail for all original equipment manufacturers. With Squid Ink, simply replace the container and continue printing.

Rest Easy With A No-Risk Warranty

Squid Ink stands by the product line with a comprehensive warranty. Squid Ink guarantees that all fluids will be free of defects and will not cause damage to ink jet printers when used under conditions for which the product was manufactured. Squid Ink will replace or provide full credit for products which we supply that are defective and returned by the customer. For a complete listing of our warranty, please see our website at


5-Gallon Pail
Most OEMs (water & solvent based)


5-Gallon Metal Pail
Matthews (solvent-based)


Matthews Jet-A-Mark®
1-liter bottle (water-based)


Matthews Jet-A-Mark®
1-liter bottle (solvent-based)

  • All of our inks are formulated to meet or exceed the OEM specifications
  • Our formulations include the highest quality resins and dyes available
  • Our self-cleaning inks provide less printhead maintenance and extended valve life
  • Our DOD inks offer consistent dot patterns and low bleed into substrates
  • Our inks are filtered 9 times to 3 microns absolute (vs. industry average of 10 microns nominal)
  • 100% utilization ÔÇô our inks contain no sediment, residue or sludge which clog printheads
  • No flushing required with Squid Ink fluids ÔÇô simply replace and continue running
  • We consistently ship all fluids within 48 hours of order
  • Our twenty-five year history of providing replacement inks to the manufacturing and packaging industries speaks to our commitment to service and quality

Common Replacements By OEM

Products are added frequently. Contact us for a complete listing of available formulations or visit*All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


Diagraph TWP-1 SI-60
Diagraph TWP-2 SI-61
Diagraph TWP-3 SI-63
Diagraph TWP-4 SI-62
Iimak WTRBS Black SI-60
Loveshaw CPA275 BK SI-60
Loveshaw CPA275 RD SI-61
Loveshaw CPA275 BL SI-62
Matthews AlphaMark SI-60
Matthews JAM-3005 SI-LP43
Matthews PX-370 SI-60
Videojet/Marsh INOK-90019-GC SI-60
Videojet/Marsh INSK-80324 SI-60


Diagraph TSO-1 SI-EI70
Diagraph TSO-2 SI-EI71
Diagraph TSO-3100 SI-EI70XF
Diagraph TSO-4300 SI-KP70
Matthews JAM-1001 SI-KP70
Matthews DPI-101 SI-KP70
Matthews SCP-610 DW SI-NP70GB
Matthews JAM-2005 SI-NP43
Matthews SCP-620A SI-EI70
Videojet/Marsh IJ-FD-BK SI-KP70
Videojet/Marsh IJ-FD-BL SI-KP72
Videojet/Marsh IJ-NP-BK SI-EI70
Videojet/Marsh IJ-NP-BL SI-EI72

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