Hi-Res / Piezo Replacement Fluids

Squid Ink manufactures superior quality ink jet fluids designed for a wide variety of ink jet printing systems. In fact, Squid Ink offers the most complete line of hi-res and piezo inks in the industry today. Our hi-res and piezo inks include formulations for the most common printing systems, and are packaged in 100% compatible, direct replacement containers.

Lower Downtime and Maintenance Costs

As an innovative leader in the industry, Squid Ink has been instrumental in formulating inks for todayÔÇÖs newest technologies. Our hi-res inks are fully compatible with the formulations used in hi-res and piezo printers manufactured by Marsh┬«, Videojet┬«, Diagraph┬«, Foxjet┬«, Domino┬«, Matthews┬«, Imaje┬«, HSA┬« and others. Our inks are formulated to meet or exceed the specifications and performance of OEM inks.

Plug and Print With 100% Compatible Containers

Squid Ink manufactures quality replacement inks for the most common hi-res systems in the marketplace. We also package these inks in 100% compatible containers, eliminating adaptors, fittings, or add-on units. These products include 500ml bottles for Videojet┬«, 500ml bags for Imaje┬«, 1-liter cartridge for Domino┬« and the 500ml ScanTrue II bottles for the Trident print engine. No flushing is needed with Squid Ink ÔÇô simply replace the ink container and continue printing.

Rest Easy With A No-Risk Warranty

Squid Ink stands by the product line with a comprehensive warranty. Squid Ink guarantees that all fluids will be free of defects and will not cause damage to ink jet printers when used under conditions for which the product was manufactured. Squid Ink will replace or provide full credit for products which we supply that are defective and returned by the customer. For a complete listing of our warranty, please see our website at www.inkjetfluids.com


500ml or 1-liter bottles


1-liter cartridge


500ml bags


500ml bottles


  • All of our inks are formulated to meet or exceed the OEM specifications
  • Our hi-res formulations include the highest quality resins, dyes, and materials available
  • Our inks are filtered to .2 microns absolute
  • Dark print improves bar code scannability, small character printing, and crisp, clean graphics
  • No flushing required with Squid Ink fluids ÔÇô simply replace and continue running
  • Competitively priced as a cost-effective alternative
  • We consistently ship all fluids within 48 hours of order
  • Our twenty-five year history of providing replacement inks to the manufacturing and packaging industries speaks to our commitment to service and quality

Common Replacements By OEM

Alpha-Dot BKS/MRP SI-PZ1000
Diagraph PEL SI-HR70
Diagraph V-300 SI-HR70
Diagraph V-400 SI-HR70
Diagraph ScanTrue II SI-HR80ST
Domino 1L-901-BKS SI-PZ1000
Fasco Piezo Ink SI-PZ1000
Foxjet ScanTrue II SI-HR80ST
Foxjet AlphaMark SI-HR80
Foxjet Versaprint Series 7 Ink SI-HR70
HS Automatic IK-820 SI-PZ1000
Imaje INOK-90019-GC SI-PZ1000
Imaje INSK-80324 SI-PZPVC10
Imaje INSW-80364 SI-PZPVC10
Imaje INSF-30003 SI-PVC43
Matthews IPJ-0506 SI-HR70
Matthews ScanTrue II SI-HR80ST
Sauven CJ6201-X SI-PZ3000
Sauven CJ6208-S SI-PZ3043
Videojet/Marsh 20-S1000 SI-HR70
Videojet/Marsh AD1 SI-HR70
Videojet/Marsh 20-S1000 SI-HR70
Videojet/Marsh 29728 (Crossbow) SI-HR2000
Videojet/Marsh 31684 (Crossbow) SI-HR2000
Videojet/Marsh Series 2000 SI-HR2000
Zanasi ZIB SI-HR80ST

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