CIJ/Make-Up Replacement Fluids

Squid Ink manufactures superior quality CIJ fluids designed for a wide variety of CIJ printing systems. In fact, Squid Ink offers one of the most complete line of CIJ replacement fluids in the industry today. Our replacement fluids include formulations for the most common printing systems, and are packaged in 100% compatible, direct replacement containers

Lower Downtime and Maintenance Costs

As an innovative leader in the industry, Squid Ink has been instrumental in formulating inks for the industry’s most popular technologies. Our CIJ fluids are fully compatible with the formulations used in CIJ printers manufactured by Videojet®, Imaje®, Hitachi®, Linx® and others. Our replacement fluids are formulated to meet or exceed the specifications and performance of OEM products.

Plug and Print With 100% Compatible Containers

Squid Ink manufactures quality replacement inks for the most common CIJ systems in the marketplace. We also package these fluids in 100% compatible containers, eliminating adaptors, fittings, or add-on units. These products include ½ liter and 1 quart bottles, and 5 gallon pails for Videojet®, 1 quart bottles for Imaje®, and ½ liter bottles for Linx®. No flushing is needed with Squid Ink – simply replace the ink container and continue printing.

Rest Easy With A No-Risk Warranty

Squid Ink stands by the product line with a comprehensive warranty. Squid Ink guarantees that all fluids will be free of defects and will not cause damage to ink jet printers when used under conditions for which the product was manufactured. Squid Ink will replace or provide full credit for products which we supply that are defective and returned by the customer. For a complete listing of our warranty, please see our website at


1-quart bottles


1-quart bottles


1-quart bottles


5-Gallon Pail

  • All of our make ups are formulated to meet or exceed the OEM specifications
  • Direct replacement of OEM products
  • We use 100% virgin, 99.9% pure chemicals from ISO 9000 certified vendors
  • Make-up is filtered three times; the final filter is .4 microns
  • No flushing required with Squid Ink fluids – simply replace and continue running
  • Our make-up/cleaners eliminate the need for a make-up and a separate cleaner
  • We consistently ship all fluids within 48 hours of order
  • Over twenty-five year history of providing replacement inks to the manufacturing and packaging industries speaks to our commitment to service and quality

Common Replacements By OEM

Products are added frequently. Contact us for a complete listing of available formulations or visit*All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

Citronix 300-1001-001 SI-CIJ9000
Citronix 300-1006-001 SI-CIJ9000
Citronix 300-2001-001 SI-CIJ9000
Domino WL – 200 Wash SI-200
Domino 1000Q Wash SI-100
Domino IR-270BK SI-CIJ9020
Hitachi JP-K72 SI-CIJ9000
Hitachi JP-Y307 SI-CIJ9011
Hitachi TH-18 SI-CIJ9090
Imaje 5157E SI-CIJ9010
Imaje 5191 SI-591
Imaje 5100 SI-100
Ink Jet, Inc. 175i SI-175
Ink Jet, Inc. 501 SI-825
Ink Jet, Inc. 509 SI-875
Linx 1014 SI-CIJ9000
Linx 1505 SI-CIJ9090
Linx 1240 SI-CIJ9020
Matthews L-219 SI-CIJ9000
Matthews L-9219 SI-921
Videojet 16-1050 SI-125
Videojet 16-2505 SI-255
Videojet 16-2525 SI-252
Videojet 16-2535 SI-253
Videojet 16-2565 SI-256
Videojet 16-3400 SI-340
Videojet 16-4205 SI-425
Willett 201-0001-601 SI-CIJ9000
Willett 201-0001-401 SI-401

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