Xaar Ink Certification

After thorough testing by Xaar, a leading manufacturer of industrial ink jet printheads, Squid Ink was awarded Ink Approval Certifications for several of its inks. These certifications confirm that the inks are approved for use in certain Xaar printheads.

Xaar has awarded certifications for the following inks: 

  • Squid Ink PZ1000 Oil-based ink in Xaar 128, Xaar 501, and Xaar 502 printheads
  • Squid Ink PZ1900 Mineral Oil Free ink in Xaar 128, Xaar 501, and Xaar 502 printheads
  • Squid Ink PZ3000 Lactate Based ink in Xaar 128 printheads
  • Squid Ink PZ8000 UV Cure ink in Xaar 128 printheads

Xaar-certified inks provide assurance that the fluid has been validated, approved, and optimized to give unrivaled print performance and trouble-free operation. Certification testing includes the following: 

  • Materials compatibility testing to ensure that the ink will not degrade or damage the printhead over time
  • Print engine waveform development optimized for individual ink formulations to ensure the best performance possible
  • Lifetime testing to ensure proper operation of the printhead and ink combination working together over time
  • Reliability testing to ensure printhead performance according to specific ink and application requirements

Certification enables Xaar OEM customers to reassuringly select ink manufacturers and fluids that meet the needs of their application or business model.

We are proud of the relationship we have had with Xaar over the past 20 years and are pleased to receive these certifications. We look forward to our continued working relationship and the opportunities it will bring in the future.