See video: Wood-pallet maker automates shipping through computer-programmed ink jet coding system

Watch in this video as Palkorp Plant Manager Christian Royer demonstrates how his Squid Ink Turbo 500 ink jet coders powered by a patented Orion software program executes coding specifications on wooden pallets personalized for their individual clients.

“Melissa Audette and the DMS Marquage team installed the ink jet coder and software program in one day, when they had promised a maximum two days for installation,” maintains Royer.

“The coding system coordinates perfectly with our objective to automate and personalize the coding/shipping information on our standard and made-to-measure pallets.”

“We are able to include all required logistical information, logos and codes specific to each customer.”

Watch in the video as Royer demonstrated the easy-to-use HMI (Human Machine Interface) control to program the two Squid Ink Turbo 500 ink jet coders mounted on the wooden pallet-making machine in the Palkorp factory.

“Excellent coders, software programming, product training and service! We recommend Squid Ink and DMS Marquage.”

See the video.