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Viper TIJ Introducing The Viper™ Thermal Inkjet Printing System

November 1, 2020, Brooklyn Park, MN – Squid Ink Manufacturing, Inc., a leading manufacturer of coding and marking systems for product identification and traceability, introduces the Viper thermal inkjet printing system designed to print superior quality hi-resolution characters on porous surfaces and non-porous surfaces. The Viper offers a versatile yet cost-effective solution for coding and marking applications with up to 0.5″ (12.7mm) of print height per printhead.

Viper TIJ utilizes hi-performance Funai® no-mess ink cartridges to print up to 600 dpi hi-resolution codes on a variety of porous and non-porous surfaces, including wood, coated and non-coated stocks, polystyrene, films, foils, and several other substrates. The Viper is ideal for users looking to print permanent marks that dry in seconds on glossy cartons, cases, trays, plastics, and more. The standard system runs at speeds up to 60 m/min (197 fpm) at 300 dpi, or the software can be upgraded to run at up 240 m/min (787 fpm) at 300 dpi.

The Viper TIJ printing system features an 8.9″ full-color touchscreen PC that gives users access to the printer’s internal messages and print functions. The touchscreen allows users to create and edit messages using Squid Ink’s intuitive Sirius™ PC software. It is ideal for users who want message creation and editing functionality on the production floor. For users that print on many different products, the system features 2GB of storage, allowing users to program and save thousands of messages for easy print recall. Best of all, the Viper includes fully functional software out of the box that allows users to print date codes, lot numbers, bar codes and graphics needed for most coding and marking applications.

The printer’s durable touchscreen, industrial strength printhead construction, and compact footprint make for easy integration onto an existing production line. The Viper also features quick-change ink cartridges, allowing users to swap ink cartridges in a matter of seconds allowing users to keep their line running, reducing downtime, and maximizing ROI.

The Viper thermal inkjet printing system is available now through Squid Ink’s worldwide network of authorized distributors. Sales inquiries should be directed to Joshua Nelson, Squid Ink Manufacturing, Inc., 7041 Boone Ave. N., Brooklyn Park, MN 55428. 1-800-877-5658.

Squid Ink, Eastey, American Film & Machinery (AFM) and Cogent Technologies are all divisions of Engage Technologies Corporation. Squid Ink ( is a manufacturer of coding and marking systems for product identification and traceability, providing superior quality inks and low maintenance printing equipment. Eastey ( is a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty shrink packaging equipment and automated case sealing systems for packaging applications. American Film & Machinery ( supplies shrink labelers and tunnels, shrink sleeves, and tamper bands. Cogent Technologies ( manufactures infrared drying systems used to dry ink in the industrial and graphics industries.

Engage Technologies Corporation is headquartered in Brooklyn Park, MN with facilities in Rogers, MN, Spring Lake Park, MN, The Hague, Netherlands, and Shanghai, China. The Company continues to expand sales and services, with authorized distributors strategically located throughout the U.S. and the rest of the world.


For press information, please contact:

Joshua Nelson
Squid Ink Manufacturing, Inc.
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