April 6, 2021, Brooklyn Park, MN – Squid Ink Manufacturing, Inc., a leading manufacturer of coding and marking systems for product identification and traceability, announces the addition of SI-PZ8001 UV LED scarlet red and SI-PZ8015 opaque yellow ink to the always growing Squid Ink fluids family. UV LED curable scarlet red and opaque yellow ink in a 500ml cartridge is approved for use in current Squid Ink’s CoPilot Max Turbo printing systems and used in conjunction with the Squid UV LED Curing System.

SI-PZ8001 and SI-PZ8015 have been formulated for printing on various non-porous surfaces such as coated corrugate, plastic, glass, metal, and more. It performs exceptionally well on PVC, styrene, polyethylene, polypropylene, and ABS type plastics. SI-PZ8001 scarlet red and SI-PZ8015 opaque yellow color stands out on darker substrates and surfaces, resulting in printed messages that are durable and easy to read. Squid Ink’s UV LED series inks feature near-immediate cure times and are specifically designed for printing on non-porous substrates.

UV LED series inks do not cure without the assistance of UV light. They require minimal maintenance, resulting in an ideal solution for manufacturers looking to mark their non-porous products. UV LED series colored inks have superior lightfast properties to reduce fading over time. Designed for permanent marking, UV LED inks provide excellent rub resistance, perfect for most non-porous applications.

Users now have three color choices for CoPilot Max Turbo UV LED curing applications – black, red, and opaque yellow. Squid Ink UV LED inks are available in 500ml cartridges for use in the CoPilot Max Turbo. All Squid Ink fluid containers are designed to provide near 100% ink utilization.

About the CoPilot Max Turbo

CoPilot Max Turbo printing system designed to print superior quality hi-resolution characters on porous and non-porous surfaces. With up to 2.8” of print height per printhead and the ability to run up to 2 printheads from one controller, the CoPilot Max Turbo offers a versatile yet cost-effective solution for coding and marking applications.

The CoPilot Max Turbo utilizes Squid Ink’s revolutionary active ink system, allowing users the ability to raise, lower, tilt, or rotate the printhead without making height adjustments to the ink supply. The system prints hi-resolution characters, razor-sharp text, scannable bar codes, and great looking logos at 360 dpi, nearly twice the resolution of competitive printers in its class. Squid Ink’s proven library of inks for porous substrates offers ultra-low maintenance performance, eliminating the need for auto-priming functions and offering better ink utilization than competitive systems.

About Squid Ink

Squid Ink, Eastey, American Film & Machinery (AFM), and Cogent Technologies are all divisions of Engage Technologies Corporation. Squid Ink ( is a manufacturer of coding and marking systems for product identification and traceability, providing superior quality inks and low maintenance printing equipment. Eastey ( is a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty shrink packaging equipment and automated case sealing systems for packaging applications. American Film & Machinery ( supplies shrink labelers and tunnels, shrink sleeves, and tamper-evident bands. Cogent Technologies ( manufactures infrared drying systems used to dry ink in the industrial and graphics industries.

Engage Technologies Corporation is headquartered in Brooklyn Park, MN, with facilities in Rogers, MN, Spring Lake Park, MN, The Hague, Netherlands, and Shanghai, China. The Company continues to expand sales and services, with authorized distributors strategically located throughout the U.S. and the rest of the world.

SI-PZ8001 and SI-PZ8015 are available now through Squid Ink’s worldwide network of authorized distributors. Sales inquiries should be directed to Joshua Nelson, Squid Ink Manufacturing, Inc., 7041 Boone Ave. N., Brooklyn Park, MN 55428. 1-800-877-5658.


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